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office massage

How to book

You can call on +44 7954433166 or email at Info@relaxyourlife.eu.

Working at an office can cause us many different forms of stress, both mental and physical. Massage can help reduce these symptoms which helps increase productivity at work.

Mental Health

Massage helps reduce stress and anxiety as it reduces the production of cortisol, ‘the stress hormone’. Massage also stimulates the production of serotonin and oxytocin, which help us feel nice, happy and relaxed.

Physical Health

Physically it can sort out many problems, varying from headaches to tingling sensations running down your arm, as well as any kind of muscle aches and pains and general muscle tensions that cause discomfort. Massage is also known to lower high blood pressure.

The Massage

We come to your office with a very comfortable massage chair, adjusted to your body so you feel nice and relaxed even before the massage starts. We also provide headphones which block out all noise so you can really take a moment for yourself. While relaxing music starts to soothe you, the massage will start.

The massage will focus on your back, shoulders and neck. Depending on your wishes we can incorporate your arms and hands or just focus on your upper or lower back.


Individual Payment Option (minimal 4 hours)
First day
15 min - £10
30 min - £20

Regular Prices
15 min - £15
30 min - £25