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Ka Huna - An Ancient Polynesian Ritual

‘I was submerged in waves of massage’

Aloha written in the sand on a beach. Kahuna more then a treatment it's an experience, the Hawaiian experience.

The Massage

Ka Huna massage is quite unique compared to other types of massages. Practitioners use soft and deep tissue techniques using their hands, forearms and elbows in a continuous flowing motion, using Tai Chi style movements to keep the flow of the massage in harmony to music. All of this combined, enhances the balancing of the rhythms within the body mind and soul, creating a deeper sense of relaxation than a regular massage.

60 min - £65
90 min - £85

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The Benefits

A Ka Huna massage does wonders for the spirit. It is excellent for people suffering from stress, depression, exhaustion, physical discomfort and injuries and even grief or loss. Because energies shift within as your meridians are being balanced, negative feeling and beliefs or even stuck emotions can be released. These cleansing effects can be felt for weeks after.

The History and Philosphy

Ka Huna massage or bodywork originates from the South Pacific. It is also known as Hawaiian Temple Style massage and Lomi Lomi. This ancient Polynesian ritual was used during Rites of Passage as a transformational massage.

Ka Huna means Shaman or Wiseman in Hawaiian. And it was them, the Shamans who practiced this ancient form of massage in steamed up caves in Hawaii. They also lived by the Huna philosophy, to keep their minds aware, free, focused, in the here and now, happy, confident and positive. These break down into the following 7 Principles:

IKE The world is what you think it is – I am aware
KALA There are no limits; we are all one – I am free
MAKIA Energy flows where attention goes – I am focused
MANAWA Now is the moment of power – I am here now
ALOHA To love life is to be happy - I am happy
MANA All power comes from within – I am confident
PONO Effectiveness is the measure of truth – Be positive

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